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Mistress LDC fetish pvc skirt


Splosh Play & Filth Lovers

Confess to the princess of perversion and take a trip down the kinky rabbit hole.

Do your fantasies include sploshing and decadent culinary humiliation with warm champagne, sticky caviar, chocolate brownies, and more? Let's get crazy with your favourite foods! Are you ready to cream pie your own face or stuff your holes with hard boiled eggs? Do you have an unusual and messy sploshing fantasy or taboo oral fetish? How about lactation? Do you fantasize about eating strange foods from a big sexy ass?

Are you a bottom feeder who enjoys humiliating oral punishments? Licking filth off shoes or floors? Worshipping smelly ass, dirty feet or sweaty armpits? Mouth spitting? Human ashtray or garbage training? Cumming on all your meals before you eat them? Does someone need to soap your potty mouth for swearing or being filthy?

Let's talk about your strange and unusual fetishes and all the scents and flavors you enjoy.  I love taking fantasies outside the dungeon and into the playground of your mind.


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