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Lady Diva Cane


Mistress Diva Cane

the architect of your wildest fantasies taking you to the heights of ecstacy and the depths of depravity

Do you dream of a goddess with a powerful mind and a body to match,

with sexy muscles, luscious curves and a wild imagination?

Place yourself in my capable hands, as I lead you into the world of exquisite

torment, while you writhe in ecstasy and despair!

I am Edmonton area lifestyle dominatrix and Prodomme Mistress, Lady Diva Cane, creator of Darque Asylum Fetish Studio in Edmonton, Alberta. I was a part time pro domme for nearly 10 years and enjoyed a variety of scenes and activities before I decided to take an active, full time, role in bdsm education and exploration. I specialize in creative bondage, discipline, cbt, sissification, role play, light medical, electrical, tickle torture, crossdressing, pegging and most fetishes. I am also an expert humiliatrix and my verbal skills can either spark your imagination or completely blow your mind.  I have far too many interests to fit the title of mistress or domme because I am also a pervert, fetishist, sadist, escapist and last but not least, a practitioner of bdsm and surrogate play partner for those who are unable to get what they need elsewhere. 


I did not transition into female domination from any other area of the sex industry.  It was always my first choice.  You may or may not know that I already had years of Femdom lifestyle experience before I started (professionally) as phone domme, where I discovered my verbal humiliation and titillation skills.  I continued as an outcall dominatrix, with the lovely Mercy Stone, followed by several years at Mistress Morganna's Dungeon, in Edmonton, and as the web mistress at I have also appeared on Access and Canadian Learning Television where I was interviewed by Darin Hagen. You will find that having logged so many bdsm play hours during the past few years, has caused my style to evolve rather quickly. My approach is creative and spontaneous, while keeping in mind your interests and limits.  I require just as much stimulation as my submissives, which keeps me on top of my game, and that made me one of youngest and best equipped, highly accomplished dominas on the Edmonton scene.

I am considered a lifestyle dominatrix, mostly because I am a natural dominant, who keeps personal slaves in my service.  I am a natural leader who has always exhibited those traits in my personal life, which have been even been recognized alpha males wanting to submit to me. In retrospect, I have always enjoyed being queen bee over many men.  I realize and accept that it is who I am, and have taken off the mask to welcome a select few of you into my personal space. I enjoy being a woman and do not fit the stereotype of being aggressive, loud or masculine . Most people observe a quiet strength and the confidence I have in my abilities, which inspires trust and allows even the alpha male to let go and submit to my dominance. I whipped my first slave into submission before I was 20 and you will find that I have explored and mastered many aspects of bdsm since then. If I am not always talking, it is because I am busy thinking, listening and being in the moment. I am good at what I do and if you allow me into your mind, I will take you to another world.


Distance Domination Available

Talk $40 per 20 minutes

Cam $60 per 15 minutes

Web Chat or Text $60 per 45 minutes


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