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Intensive Sissy Role Play Sessions

Congratulations!...on your decision to emulate the superior gender. You are truly enlightened and deserve the very best guidance on your wondrous journey into womanhood. We open our arms and doors to those who long to become more feminine and help them discover the girl within. Some may require nurturing while others may need a strict regime of control and discipline to achieve their sissification goals. Our feminizing classroom and homework assignments help us find and cultivate your special sissy talents and feminine attributes. Whether you are an adult baby, a sissy maid or a naughty slut, the girl in you will blossom under our femdom direction.


At V.A. Gina Sissy School, we plant the seeds that grow into beautiful flowers and watch them bloom year after year. How long will you wait to become the sissy girl of your dreams?


You may have started out as a boy, being sent outside to play and get dirty, while mommy and sister got to wear pretty clothes and spend hours doing girlie things.Perhaps you watched as they sat at the vanity mirror applying make up and curling their lovely hair until they looked like beautiful dollies. Maybe you even snuck into their drawers to feel their silky panties and frilly nighties, or even tried them on?


You may secretly envy women for being able to openly shop for clothes, lingerie and shoes, visit the salon to get their hair and nails done, wear make up and feel beautiful everyday. Most women don't realize that you admire and emulate them. Many of them take offence, and feel threatened or mocked, instead of being flattered!  At V.A Gina Sissy School we offer every age and level of feminization training.


You may enroll as an adult baby, sissy girl, crossdresser or a naughty boy who needs discipline and guidance through your transition into a proper lady, obedient maid, or sissy slut. We even train and transform sissies into beautiful pony girls in our stable. Every student is unique and special to us and we will discover the feminine you together. You are part of something special, an elite sisterhood. When you arrive here as your true self, you are embraced. Students who are shy may come to study here anonymously with privacy assured Those you are extroverted may take every opportunity to shine during field trips. You are always in good hands at V.A. Gina Sissy Academy.


You are allowed to bring a small suitcase of your favorite things for your stay with us, whether it is one hour or all weekend. Keep in mind that this is an all girls school and boy clothes are strictly prohibited. Upon entering the academy we will strip away your plain male cocoon and release your colorful butterfly so it can soar like it was meant to.


For the adventurous sissy, shaving, waxing, make-up, nails and wigs are just the beginning with a trip to the salon or private beauty classes. You will learn how to look pleasing to the mistress and to tend to her needs as well.In addition to your school uniform, we have the most exciting collection of clothing, lingerie, shoes, breast inserts and you may even get your very own vagina. The gynecologist may examine you in the stirrups and our nurse will help you adjust to being a sissy girl with all your new feminine hygiene needs. You may ask to see our female doctor for a fantasy sex change or breast, nipple and lip enlargement treatments. We can also help you with a more feminine body shape.


For those of you are not ready or able to attend the academy in person, remote sissification training is available with regular assignments every week, that must be completed,as well as telephone or webchat sessions with your home room teacher. Visit the learning centre for our latest additions and this semester's training videos. You may choose remote training by text or email. If you are the sissy who longs to play with real toys then perhaps Mistress will introduce you to her bull.


Exceptional students may be offered part time placement as a personal maid/slave to one of the teachers/mistresses. Some of your duties may include maid service, shopping, pedicures, driver and play party slut. Are you ready to embrace your feminine self?


Visit the free learning centre.

Visit the blog of one of my sissies.


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