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chastity cuckold



Cuckold role play is an area where I excel.  While others offer cream pie clean up, bbc and other visuals, I go much deeper by getting in your mind and push all the right buttons. The biggest rush from cuckolding comes from emotional masochism and if your provider doesn't have a profound understanding of that, you may be missing out.  Cuckolding is where arousal, humiliation, and the pain of betrayal converge. Of course, once you experience this addictive cocktail of emotions, you will want to stay in the relationship in order to suffer more and more of this exquisite form of psychological torment.  Obviously, you can't experience the true feeling of  betrayal when there is no personal connection and that is why porn falls short .  I am not interested in providing another form of porn, but rather something as close as possible to an authentic psychological experience, that will leave you reeling for days.     

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