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Little weanies online abdl nursery for adult babies and diaper lovers who need to call a mommy

abdl sissy bow

I've been waiting for you, my precious little sissy.

Are you less than manly? Is the urge to let go and lose control overwhelming you? Do you need a refreshing change from your daily responsibilities to a more vulnerable, dependent and  pampered role? Are you ready to trade the jeans or suit in for something frilly and playful?

Don't be shy about sharing your need to be fed, bathed and diapered by a female authority figure who understands that not all sissies are sluts and whores. There is a special place for needy sissies, like you, and other pathetic weaklings, in search of motherly guidance.

Are you a mollycoddled crybaby who can't "man up" no matter how hard you try? Do you revert to a futile state every chance you get? It's time to admit your incontinence and embrace your dependent nature, so you can relax and fill your new role as my helpless little man.

Not all ABDL fantasies need to be paired with discipline, but I realize that some do require it and I am happy to provide a good, sound otk spanking. It's ok to cry like the delicate weakling you are. Others may need special attention and training to become the Adult Baby of their dreams.

Come to me for your less manly needs. You have found a safe place to be vulnerable and diapered as my little sissy wimp. Let's get you out of those male clothes and into something cute and humiliating! It's time to stop hiding and come out of the closet.  Your bottle, soother and plastic pants are ready for you.

I enjoy domestic roles and age play as well as nurse, teacher and many more. I am always excited to explore whimsical and amusing new ideas when it comes to humiliating silly little men and their useless little parts. What do you have left to lose, besides a little control and dignity?

Perhaps you long to be under the thumb of an diapering matriarch who ridicules your infantile manhood and only nurtures your weak, timid side.  Don't you wish you could be my feeble, tottering little guy, right now? Call me or for your special adult bedtime story and I'll give you wet dreams in your freshly changed diaper.


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