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sissy school


Get Feminized Here

Your training may include sissy, maid, slut or intensive bimbo training. You may be the sissy who attends to your teacher and her lovely feet or perhaps you need a change and would like to be the pampered one or experience a public salon outing.

We will teach you the abc's of sissification and stay with you through every step of your journey, from tottering in mary janes to strutting on the catwalk of life. Your level of development all depends on what kind of sissy you are.

We plant the seeds that blossom into beautiful flowers in our special whore-ti-culture nursery. You may become a sultry Rose, delicate Lily, beautiful Violet or a delicate, pampered Sweet Pea with a little sunshine and nurturing guidance from your caretaker.

Are YOU ready to bloom? Perhaps you need a visit to the sissy gynecologist? Nurse Diva can prepare you for your exam or Doctor Diva can transform you into the woman or your dreams. Perhaps, it's time to start to breeding you with bbc?

Are you an aspiring bimbo who needs cocksucking lessons? You'll graduate Summa CUM Laude from our program!

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