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Hello Little Man!


Did you climb my beanstalk and find yourself in "big" trouble or did you fall victim to my shrink ray?  You find yourself tiny, helpless, and at the mercy of your giantess.

I know you secretly fantasize about a different kind of blonde barbie. Yours has sexy muscles and extra curves in all the right places. Perhaps, you long to be under her foot, stuffed in her cleavage, wedged in her crack or slowly devoured?

I have all natural 40H breasts, making my chest a total of 52 inches and I am ready to wrestle and smother you into submission. Come and get manhandled by your thick blonde Eastern European fantasy. I lift and carry men like you, with ease. I may even give you a wedgie or intimidate you into giving yourself one.

You would be powerless to fight back against my strength and weight, if I wanted to have my way with you. What will you do when you are trapped between my big, strong thighs and they are squeezing you like a boa constrictor?


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