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Distance & Lifestyle Servitude

A lifestyle dominatrix is not someone who spends all day in sweaty catsuits, corset and high heels, just waiting to indulge your selfish urges, for free.  She is not someone who invests thousands of her own money in gear and then allows you to steal her time and energy.  If you believe everything is about you and your desires, then you are just a client, and not likely a very good one. 

If you truly desire to serve and find your special place in the life of your dominant, this is for you.

Professional quality cleaning, grocery pick up, pedicures and home repairs are useful to me and can earn you a position in my stable.  My lifestyle subs are the first to be included in group play sessions and video clips with no cost to them.


You don't need to live in my city in order to serve me personally.  There are many ways in which you can contribute to the well being of your dominant.  Depending on the quality and consistency of your service, you will have the opportunity to earn your distance collar and privilege of daily communication and a deeper relationship with your domme. 

Even humiliation slaves are useful to me and if you tithe regularly, you will be the recipient of my verbal abuse and degrading assignments, whenever I need to blow off some steam, which is often.  Demeaning a good humiliation slave is cathartic and leaves me well vented, relaxed and smiling.  This is why I enjoy phone and online sessions so much. 


Financial servitude that fits your budget and my needs along with regular tasks can also be the basis of a distance relationship.


Findom pay piggies, fincucks and pay toilets are some of the other types of playful distance relationships that interest me.

Acquaintances may apply by email and new applicants may purchase a communication package.

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